Set robot vaccum cleaner Hobot Legee 669 and robot window cleaner Hobot 288


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HOBOT LEGEE 669 4 IN 1 Robot with four functions suction, wipe, spray and wet wipe.
LEGEE is a good help for all households.
Apply the technique of manual simulation deletion.
The deletion speed, which is 600 times / minute, repetitive, back and forth, is incredibly amazing!

We call this type of patented technology Fastbrush cleaning in 4 stages.
He is also the pioneer of this synchronous technique in the field.

There are four steps to cleaning:
Step 1: The side brush pushes the dirt towards the vaccum.
Step 2: The cloth will wipe the fine dust away from the dry spots.
Step 3: Intelligent spray with water, having the function of softening the hard stains.
Step 4: The mop cloth that wipes the stained spots.
The floor becomes smooth and shiny, with no dust and stains.


LEGEE® Smart Navigation Technology
Intelligent navigation technology exclusively exploited by LEGEE.
It performs navigation through the three front lasers.
It is totally different from the usual type of robot vacuum cleaners and those types of image positioning, which can be automatically lost once the light is turned off.


Brushless DC motor and metal fan
The brushless DC motor and the high-efficiency metal fan offer a long life expectancy, high durability and low noise.

Li-ion battery
High reliability and durability.


Water control with temperature sensor

The quantity is controlled mainly according to the temperature, the evaporation rate of the water and the cleaning surface.


D-shaped design
The side brush extends to 4 cm from the device for cleaning the corners and under the edges of the furniture.

Model: LAW-669
Cleaning method: Quick Brush 4-Cleaning steps

Made in Taiwan.


HOBOT-288 is a window cleaning machine with or without frame

HOBOT-288 uses a large volume centrifugal pump that can move well on different surfaces.

Cleaning power
A strong vacuum causes HOBOT to stay on the glass surface, while removing dust and removing impurities.

Large space for cleaning
A cleaning cloth with microfiber 24x24 cm, is attached by HOBOT, suitable for houses, offices, cafes, restaurants and other types of small businesses.

Laser sensor
The laser sensor is used to measure distance and height, while HOBOT robots work freely on windows without frames.


It is not recommended to use the robot on very dirty windows, covered with a lot of dust.

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