Set robot vaccum cleaner Hobot Legee 668 and robot window cleaner Hobot 188


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HOBOT LEGEE 668 FastBrush with 4 cleaning steps
HOBOT LEGEE 668 4 IN 1 robot vacuum cleaner with four functions: vacuum cleaner, dry cloth wipe, smart spray and mop wipe.
Winner of the silver medal from iENA - Invention exhibition Germany LEGEE 668 imitates the technique of manual erasure. The back cleaning cloth not only wipes water and cleans the soaked stains, but also polishes the floor.
Deletion speed is 600 times per minute, repetitive, forward and backward.
LEGEE 668 uses the patented Intelligent Laser Navigation System, Encoder, Gyroscope, E-compass and position estimator to detect and measure the space around it. The advanced navigation system of the LEGEE 668 allows the avoidance of furniture and other objects. HOBOT-188 is a window cleaning robot with an internal suction motor that uses the suction to attach itself to the glass surfaces. A built-in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that can prevent the robot from falling out of the window, even when the power is turned off.

HOBOT-188 has two specially designed rotary cleaning devices that can move freely on the window surfaces, imitating manual cleaning even the walls. Microfiber cloths are easy to replace and are used on both rotary cleaning devices. The microfiber material is used to obtain superior cleaning of the glass. In order to increase its performance, the surfaces can be sprayed with cleaning solution, which must be sprayed on the glass before the cleaning begins. The robot stops by itself after the cleaning is finished, emitting a beep.

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