Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A7



*Automatic recharge - in case of power shortage while working, the cleaner will find the charger
automatically without manual operation.

*Time Scheduling - this function allows to preset working date/time and then when the robot to
start cleaning for your convenience and easy operation.

*Anti-Fall Function - edge detection that will prevent robot from falling off stairs. When cleaner
gets close to any edge, he will turn around or move back.

*HEPA filter - it traps molds, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other micron particles and in this
way makes environment cleaner and healthy.

*Remote control for your convenience - you can guide his movements and tell him exactly
how and where to clean

Run time: Up to 120 minutes

Charging time:Around 4-5 hours

Battery:Li-ion 2600 mAH

Low noise:<65 db

Dustbin capacity:0.6 L


Cleaning modes:
5 cleaning modes:
- Auto - it includes all types of cleaning modes
- Spot - spiral movement to clean dust which is concentated
in one place
- Edges/wall - movement along edges/wall
- Max
- Zig-Zag

Cleaning system:
2 double side brushes
+ Vacuum to clean the dust
+ V-type main brush (2 kinds)

Auto recharging: YES
HEPA filter: YES
Remote control: YES
Other options:

- Smart cleaning
- Mobile app
- Time scheduling - preset working date/time
- Clean area - up to 150 m2
- Ability of crossing 1.2 sm height obstacle and
crossing slope of 15 degrees

Size:Gift box - 47.3 x 41.3 x 14.9 sm, robot - 33 х 32 х 7.6 sm

Weight: 4,5 kg (with gift box), robot - 2,5 kg

1 299.00 Lei
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