Multifunctional Aroma Difuser Oberon Ozone


Feel the purity of each breath of air! Device for purification with negative ions or ozone plus flavoring. Enjoy the well being with the aroma therapy!

- Ozone generator - Kills viruses and prevents them from developing in the air. It removes invaders and improves the air in the room.

- Release of negative ions - 7 million particles / cm³ - Ionizer releases a large amount of anions into the air, charging it with negative hydrogen cells

- Flavoring with cotton filter - Add fragrance or aroma and feel the fresh aroma that this wonderful device will give you.

The device has 2 modes of operation: ionization and flavoring or ozone and flavoring.

The actual recommended space of the room: up to 10-20m²

Easy change of filter

Recommended filter change: 8-14 months

Power supply: 220V / 50Hz

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

Power: 20W

Ozone generation: 200mg / hour

Ionizer: 7 mil particles / cm³

Weight (net): 0.68 kg

Product dimensions: 132mm * 166.6mm * H 132mm

Package contents: air purifier, filters, power cord

Warranty: 2 years

Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

189.00 Lei
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