Robot vacuum cleaner DIBEA D960


The DIBEA D 960 is designed with a stylish design and shape that allows for maximum cleaning performance. The robot has 2 side brushes, a V-shaped rotating brush and a wet cleaning capability with a mop and a separate high capacity water tank. The robot has a high suction power and is more manoeuvrable than the previous model, allowing it to climb the carpets, overcome profiles and other obstacles. In addition, it has a long working schedule to clean your house at brilliance, features additional features such as automatic scheduling and recharging.

With high suction power suitable for smooth surfaces. Exceeds slight slope and profiles.
It collects perfectly waste, pieces of paper, dust, sand, small berries, hair.
Suitable for collecting hairs from the pet.

- Dimensions: 305 x 305 x 77 mm
- 2 x Side brush + Main brush
- The suction and mop functions function separately
- Water tank with 350 ml capacity
- 350 ml waste container
- Power supply - 14.8V
- Battery - 2600mAh Li-Ion
- Working time - 100-150 min
- Weight - 3 kg
- Automatic cleaning, Cleaning by walls, Zigzag cleaning, V-shaped cleaning
- 2 charging modes: Auto Load or Manual
- Design Slim
- Ability to overcome obstacles up to 15 mm high
- Scheduling: Set the start time and so the robot will begin to clean while you are away.

* The dimensions of the robot indicate the diameter and height from the floor to the highest part of the vacuum cleaner!

* Automatic recharge - The robot automatically switches to the charging station to charge it so it is ready for the next cleaning.

* The Programming function - the vacuum cleaner has the function to set the start-up time for cleaning. In this way, the robot will be activated at a convenient time for you, even if you are not home to enjoy a cleaner house.

* Anti-drop system - a built-in sensor system that prevents falling off stairs and other vertical drops.

* The HEPA filter - contributes to cleaning at home or office as a catch and to retain microscopic particles, bacteria and allergens, thus ensuring a clean and healthy air.

* Remote control - allows you to control certain actions - to start the robot and turn off, point in a certain direction to change the cleaning mode, return to the charging station, and more.

Package Included:
-1x robot
-1x remote control
-1x charging station
-1x cable + EU adapter (for charging base)
-4x side brushes (2 pieces are spare)
-1x rotating brush
-2x mop cloth (1 pc is spare)
-1x water tank
- user manual

Warranty: 24 months
Battery Warranty: 6 months


* Due to anticorrosive sensors, the robot may not work on some dark surfaces - such as dark carpets, dark tiles, and other dark surfaces!

* The robot may not work longer on thick or thick carpets, long carpets, some carpets, and the like.


Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

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