Cordless Electric Rotating mop Mamibot Mopa 580


We present one of the most effective dirt cleaning solutions: MAMIBOT MOPA 580. The mop has two rotating wipers that ensure efficient and fast cleaning. With their help and built-in water tank, cleaning is quick, easy and enjoyable! The wireless and ergonomic design is designed for your convenience, and the ability to control water sprays leads to cleaning and polishing according to your preference.
The height, 360 ° rotation angle of the handle and the option to turn on the LED light to see in dark places allow you to easily clean under sofas, beds and more.
White color
Battery: Lithium 2200 Mah, 14.4 V
Possibility of dry and wet cleaning
Built-in water tank 2 rotary motors 500 rotations per minute (2 x 250 turns)
Working time: up to 35 minutes
Charging time: about 150 minutes
Water tank capacity: 270 ml

Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

699.00 Lei
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