Robot vacuum cleaner OBERON


OBERON has a waste collection system is an ideal combination of strong suction, longer side brushes and V-shaped rotating brush. The robot has a "smart" way of systematically cleaning through navigation - it will pass through each area and stop when cleaning is complete. It has a long program to clean your house up to brilliance! In addition, it can overcome obstacles of 1.5 cm, has "Programming", "Dirty Detection" function, MAX cleaning mode, as well as magnetic sensors that allow the use of a magnetic strip to limit access to a particular area (purchased separately ).
With high intake power for smooth surfaces, carpets, short carpets and much more. Exceeds a slight slope and profiles.
It collects perfectly waste, pieces of paper, dust, sand, small berries, hair.
Suitable for pet collection from pets.

* Automatic charging - If the battery has been discharged during cleaning, it will automatically go to the charging station to charge the battery.
* Programming - this function allows you to set an hour of the day to start cleaning.
* Dirt Detection System - The robot will set a clever cleansing path. When the robot encounters a dirt area, it will change its route or increase the suction power to clean this area first.
* Anti-drop function - edge detection will prevent the robot from falling down stairs. When he encounters the edges, he will come back or move back.
* The HEPA filter - retains mold spores, bacteria, mites, pollen or other particles of the micron range, and thus preserves a clean and healthy environment.
* Remote control - for your convenience. With it you can guide robot movements to clean where and how you want it.

Cleaning time: about 70-150 min.
Charging time: about 3 hours
Battery: Li-ion 2150 mAH
Noise level: 45-60 dB
Collector container capacity: 0.5 L
Anti-drop: YES
Cleaning Mode:
- car cleaning
- beside the edges of the walls
Cleaning system:
2 side brushes
+ rotary V-shaped brush
+ Vacuum for dust cleaning
Auto Load: YES
HEPA filter: YES
Remote control: YES
Additional features:
- dry / wet wiping - optional (not included, can be purchased separately)
- slow magnetic - optional (not included, can be purchased separately)
- programming - setting the hour of the day to clean
- magnetic sensors
- cleaning surface - up to 150 m2
- dirt detection function
- Ability to cross the obstacle 1.5 cm high and over 25 ° slope
Dimensions: box - 51.5 x 41.5 x 16 cm, robot - 35 x 35 x 9.2 cm
Weight: 4.9 kg (with box), robot - 2.8 kg

1 299.00 Lei
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