Cordless Electric MOPA JAZZ


The MOPA JAZZ wireless mop is an extremely efficient solution for cleaning and polishing wooden floors, tiles and any other type of hard surface. With the vibration mop and built-in water tank (detergent can be added), cleaning is quick, easy and enjoyable! The rugged and ergonomic design of the mop adds extra comfort. You can control
the number of sprays depending on the dirt and your preferences! The different types of mop and LED lighting on the cleaning body allow you to easily clean under the sofas, beds, etc.


Wireless design

Built-in water tank (detergent)

Vibrations of 900 vibrations / minute

White color

Battery: Lithium-Ion 2000 Mah

Option for dry and wet cleaning

Built-in water tank (detergent): 250 ml

Working time: up to 40 minutes

Charging time: about 3-5 hours

LED light


Warranty: 24 months
Battery warranty: 6 months


Made in China for Dedal Company Ltd.

359.00 Lei
379.00 Lei
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