HOBOT LEGEE 669 4 IN 1 Robot with four functions for aspiration, wiping, spraying and wet wiping.

LEGEE is a good help for all housewives.
Applies the manual simulation removal technique.
The wiping speed, which is 600 times per minute, repetitive, back and forth, is incredibly amazing!
We call this type of patented cleaning technology Fastbrush in 4 stages.
It is also the pioneer of this synchronous technique in the field.

There are four cleaning steps:
Step 1: The side brush pushes the dirt into the vacuum.
Step 2: The brush will remove fine dust by removing dry stains.
Step 3: Spray water intelligence with the softening function of hard spots.
Step 4: The mop of the wipe that wipes the stained stains.
The floor becomes smooth and shiny, without dust and stains.